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Tips to Raise Capital From Family Office Investors

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Family office lists can be used to raise capital if are a hedge fund manager, private equity manager, or real estate investor.  That said, raising capital is never easy because there is so much competition out there. To make matters worse FOs are very secretive so it is hard to learn more about them. 



There are a few ways to raise capital using family office lists, within this article we will be covering two ways, one hard and one easy.


Lets start with the hard way to raise capital office using this resource. This would be to start from scratch and slowly build up your own list of family offices. By doing this you would get relatively fresh data by using search engines but your list would probably miss some family offices that don't have websites or purposely are very hard to find and identify. After getting a small directory of FO names together you could then search on Google, LinkedIn.com, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to find contact details for these professionals but it would literally take over 300 hours to produce a workable valuable database. This approach may make sense if you are in some small countries such as Thailand or Czech Republic and you only want to approach local firms, but for most US and European based fund managers this is not practical.


The easier way is to go out and review family office lists available and obtain one for your team. This option is a bit more expensive but it allows you to effectively outsource the hard work of conducting the industry research to an outside firm instead of taking all of that on yourself within just your own team.


Which ever method you use to obtain your resource your team should be able to benefit from using it to reach out to potential investors, schedule phone calls, complete roadshows, and connect with more professionals at conferences.



f you are raising capital you can establish a distinct competitive advantage over others trying to the do the same if you have a high quality family offices database. There are thousands of capital raising groups and banks which are reaching out and selling products to these firms that if you don't have the right contact details you are already 3 steps behind in this very intense competition for FO business. Within this article we provide the top 7 reasons why you should use a FO database.


1) It can help you spend more time developing relationships and less time trying to find contact details of these firms.


2) The resource can assist you in identifying large vs. small ultra high net worth wealth management groups so you don't waste your time on too large or small of a firm.


3) It can help you employ multi-modality marketing by sending them a mailing, email, and then calling all in the same day.


4) A database can help make you become more effective during phone calls by quickly getting you to their website where you can learn all about their firm before you place the call.


5) This type of a resource can also enable you to spend more time traveling to see the most important clients you have developed relationships with while your competition is stuck trying to find their contact details online


6) By obtaining contact details to these groups you are able to spend more of your time selling and marketing to a niche market that has an enormous level of wealth and money to spend.


7) Reaching out to FOs with all of their firm information will make you appear more professional and well organized.


This article shows exactly why it can help your team raise capital by using a family offices database, I hope you have found these tips helpful.



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